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Diagnostic Imaging

在博克斯巴特总医院, 你会发现一些最先进的医学成像系统.

Services include:

Exams are read by board eligible and certified radiologists specifically trained to read medical images. Diagnostic Imaging currently has a radiologist at BBGH one day a week to perform diagnostic procedures. Our advanced technology allows us to immediately route images to the radiologists for interpretation. The images are networked to the radiologists who are able to view the images utilizing internet capability. The radiologist interprets the exam and reports are transmitted back to BBGH and the patient's physician. 因为大部分考卷都是电子版的, 请致电影像诊断科, 308.761.1311,如果您需要检查包含图像的CD,请提前两到三天. IM电竞App官网将很高兴为您提供这些.

All services for children in our Medical Imaging Department requiring exposure to radiation follow Image Gently protocols.

如果你对考试有任何问题, 请不要犹豫,联系诊断成像详细信息


他们会很乐意回答任何问题或疑虑. Please call in advance for scheduling and exam instructions as certain exams require special patient preparations.